Choose one artwork currently on display at the museum


Choose one artwork currently on display at the museum. It can be in any medium eg painting, sculpture, print, drawing, etc. It should correspond to a point within the chronology and geographic scope of our class: Northern European Art 1400-1600. Take notes, and, if you like, your own photos. (Do NOT use flash.) Write a response paper centered on your chosen object and your museum experience using formal and contextual analysis. You may include references to other works at the museum, or images from the weekly Core or readings in order to supplement your discussion, but the primary focus of your discussion should be the object observed at the museum and an analysis of the museum space itself

Length: c. 750-1000 words. Sources: Any Northern European Art through 1400-1600 located in The Met Museum located in New York. if you need to refer to sources, stick to the museum label / website or material I have already provided on Blackboard. Everything should be in your own words. If you cite these source materials, make sure you do it properly. Format: Word doc, PowerPoint., Or any other format which combines images and text. You could even create your own Voicethread. (Do NOT use pages, however. Please convert to another format.) Reproductions: Remember to include a reproduction of the object, including full date: artist, title, date, medium, and dimensions.

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