Discussion Board – Telehealth

Discussion Board – Telehealth

Read 2-page description of VA TeleHealth
Read 6-page Article 3 (read more than just the abstract)
Answer all four questions below.

Reflect on the three TeleHealth specialties described in VA TeleHealth Summary. Which medical TeleHealth specialty do YOU think is most valuable for a military veteran to have access to? Why?
The VA healthcare system, telehealth technology has also been applied to clinical pharmacy services in rural areas of the USA (Article 3). So, let's look at the article at Model 1: Virtual CPS on all virtual team. 
OK, just a rural patient from Alaska comes to the VA clinic and the nursing staff puts him / her in a patient room and takes vital signs. The nurse then logs the patient into the CVT (clinical video telehealth) for a 30 minute face-to-face discussion about diabetes medication management with the clinical pharmacist. Do you believe there is benefit for patients to receive pharmacist chronic disease management via telehealth? If yes, why? If no, why?

The VA-based TeleHealth System has served the model for other US-based health systems. Do you anticipate telehealth medical care will be adopted by countries outside the USA? (if you are Ex-USA let us know specifically about your native country)
Comment on at least ONE of your classmate's discussions.

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