Answer the following question (400-500 words). Please answer by providing concrete illustrations of your ideas. This means that you might refer back to the text at hand, your lived experience, your journals, your small and large group discussion memories and/or your discussion notes. (Please remember I am not native speaker, I am Chinese. so should not have a very professional American background)

Purpose: To provide an interpretation of One Crazy Summer that draws upon your lived experience.
Audience: Someone who shared with you the experience that is shaping your interpretation (you may or may not choose to share your letter with this person).
Genre: Informational Letter – Write a letter to a person who shared an experience with you – an experience that helps shape your understanding of the story. For instance, if you felt that your relationship with a family member had similar qualities as that between Delphine and her mother, you might draw upon that. Consider how the lived experience you had (e.g. understanding a family member in a new light) led you toward a particular understanding of the story (e.g. CecileвЂTMs decisions were unpopular but justified).
(A Letter To R) It is an example of this project. we can use same way, but not same book.
(Personal Lens Focus Chart) This document is very important, you should focus on these questions and element of the Chart to write this paper. 
Also, I think this website ( is very useful resource, which is outline and summary of One Crazy summer.
Then, I want to say again (Please remember I am not native speaker, I am Chinese. so should not use a native perspective to write lived experience)

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