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BizOps position description and selection criteria © Aspire Training & Consulting Page 1 of 2 Document date: June 2015 Job title: Customer Service Manager Reporting to: Managing Director, Retail Operations Salary: Total package including base salary, superannuation, commissions or benefits: $95,000 p.a. Hours: Full-time permanent Location: Head office Purpose of the position Plan, coordinate and control the activities of the customer service team to meet the needs of customers, maintain and enhance customer relationships, and meet organisational and operational objectives. Develop procedures, establish standards and administer activities to assure accurate order entry, efficient shipment tracking, and timely delivery of products to customers. Responsibilities and duties • Develop and implement customer service policies and procedures and oversee the achievement and maintenance of agreed customer service levels and performance standards. • Develop processes to identify customer problems, requests and special needs, resolve them effectively and within negotiated timelines, and handle complex and escalated customer service issues. • Analyse relevant data to determine customer service outputs. • Coordinate and manage customer service projects and initiatives. • Work closely with marketing and sales and production departments to reduce order cycle times and improve fill rates while controlling the cost of serving customers. • Evaluate and performance manage staff. Key performance Indicators • KPI 1: Ensure customer service policies and procedures are regularly reviewed and maintained. • KPI 2: Respond, or delegate responsibility, to ensure customer issues are dealt with promptly, efficiently and satisfactorily to both the customer and BizOps. • KPI 3: Review and maintain customer management systems. • KPI 4: Ensure a range of customer service initiatives are developed and implemented successfully. • KPI 5: Work effectively with other departments an own staff to maintain efficient work practices and competence. BizOps position description and selection criteria © Aspire Training & Consulting Page 2 of 2 Document date: June 2015 Academic and trades qualifications Essential Desirable Relevant bachelor degree BSBCUS501 Manage quality customer service BSBMGT516 Facilitate continuous improvement Work experience and skills Essential Desirable Minimum three years customer service experience Customer service experience at team leader or supervisory level Personal qualities and behavioural traits Essential Desirable In-depth knowledge of customer service principles and practices BizOps product knowledge Leadership skills High personal standards Excellent written and verbal skills Excellent interpersonal skills, including the ability to manage people from varied backgrounds; handle conflict and pressure; empathy; persuasion Proficiency in CRM systems Proficiency in MS Office applications Self-management skills Relationships Personnel Purpose Nancy Tooket: Managing Director, Retail Operations Report directly to this person Customer service staff Delegate and coordinate team activities, and assess team and individual performance

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