Some researchers believe that consumption of sweetened beverages and fatty foods contributes substantially to childhood obesity. Should the federal government impose an excise tax on sweetened beverages and fatty foods?

Client: Chair, U.S. Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions

For the draft of your policy analysis you will provide an overview of the policy issue, define the problem, and discuss possible causes. You should review relevant literature about your topic, including published journal articles, as well as studies and reports by research institutesReferences should include a mix of published journal articles and other policy analysis studies, and you should aim to have no less than 10 references for the draft. Remember to have reference pafge!!!!!

Define the problem

· Think of deficit or excess – not enough or too much, and quantify – provide numbers about the magnitude

· What condition becomes a public problem – market failure, inequitable outcomes from markets, other social/fairness issues, moral issues, government failure to provide services

· Avoid “issue rhetoric” in problem definition – explain the problem in simple terms that facilitate analysis

· Diagnose possible causes of the public problem, using the available research

Assemble some evidence

· Evidence necessary to

· Assess the nature and magnitude of problem

· Assess particular features of the policy situation

· Think about the kind of data you may need – in your case, think where you need to look for available research on your topic that documents the nature and extent of the problem

· Review the available literature – make sure you know the source of the research, especially if it is from an advocacy organization, and make sure to have a balanced literature review

· Survey “best practices” – look at similar situations at different government levels or in other countries

· Use analogies – think how similar situations may shed light on the expected behavior in question

You need to begin the body part. You should explain the cause of issue that is obesity. Then you need analyze the policy that impose an tax on sweetened beverages and fatty foods. Why this policy cannot work.

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