World Bank Data Analysis

Linear Regression Project 

World Bank Data Analysis

Using the World Bank database, analyze the association of two indicators that may have an interesting association.

• What association do you predict there is between these two indicators/variables? Why?

• Create a neat data table of two indicators for 20 countries; try to use two data sets from the same year.
• Create a scatterplot. Include clearly labeled explanatory/response variables and the regression line.

• Describe the association between the variables

• Determine whether a linear model is appropriate for your data. Explain why, and support with a residuals plot.

• Include the equation of the regression line, r and r2 values (use proper notation).

• Interpret the slope in context.

• Interpret the y-intercept in context.

• Note and interpret any outliers or note the absence of outliers. Be sure to cite specific points/countries.

• Make a prediction from the model.

• Comment on the accuracy of your prediction. What does r2 tell you about the predictive power of the model?

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