Assignment: Taking A Final Stance

The topic is “Call a Action”, please of focus on the "Action".

I have original essay(1000 words) is about this topic, all you have to do is extending it to 2000 word.  I have attached the Essay Outline and Orginal Essay within this post. Please take a close look. 



• Write a long-form research essay for an academic audience.

• Articulate central claim in a thesis statement and support this claim with evidence and reasons.

• Evidence should be drawn from credible sources

• Employ effective rhetorical strategies to convince your reader of your position.

• Organize your essay in a coherent way that effectively conveys information to your readers.

• Consistently document all outside sources. 

• Write in a style that is clear, readable, appropriate to audience, and free from distracting errors in spelling, grammar, and usage.


You should use hyperlinks to cite any of your sources. You also include a reference list in APA or MLA format at the end of your draft.

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