Becoming a Registered Nurse

there are 2 questions in the assignment 500 each, each question should have 50 introduction 400 main body 50 conclusion for each total of 1000 words. I have attached references that my professor wants me to use, and also my course content I have failed in 2 assignment. and this is a supplementary assessment. my life depends on this one or I will be held back 1 year. please make sure it is done well. Use only harvard referencing style. use references to do the


NURS 3041 Becoming a Registered Nurse


Guidelines for the Supplementary Assessment



You have been offered a Supplementary Assessment as per the University of South Australia Assessment Policies and Procedures Manual (APPM) 2017 Section 7.5 Supplementary assessment or examination.


The supplementary assessment has been designed in a similar format to assessments in the

NURS 3041, Becoming a Registered Nurse and assess the following course objectives:


CO1.     Critique the application of health and nursing informatics and quality improvement in health care settings.

CO2.     Critically review management and leadership approaches within a nursing practice context.

CO3.     Critically evaluate own knowledge, skills and attitudes for transition to professional practice and ongoing competence development.

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