Business Ethics:Pinto Fire Case

Answer this case study , Follow all the instructions , properly citation, reference NO PLAGIARISM.


· Description

In 1978, three teenage girls were killed in a rear-end collision that resulted in the explosion of the struck Ford Pinto’s gas tank. Students will the use the facts of the case and their ethical judgment to determine the best course of action for Ford to take.

· Materials Required

Trevino, L. K., & Nelson, K. A. (2014). Managing business ethics: Straight talk about how to do it right (6th ed.). Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.


§ Case study, Pinto Fires, pp.63-67 in the textbook.

Study and Learning Center. (2006). Answering a case study. Retrieved from

· Instructions

Review the process of analyzing a case study in Answering a Case Study,

Then review the case study on pages 63-67 of the text. You will apply your analysis from the article on it.

1. .  Proper introduction and conclusion to paper

2. Determine the issues raised in the readings, and in your personal observation and study, that you will focus on in your case study analysis.


a.      Identified the elements of the case study.


b.      Identify the methods of research used in the case study.

3. .   Make an argument for the course of action that Ford should take

4. Read the case study carefully, and gather from it information you will need for your analysis.

5. .  Information organized intelligently and holistically (i.e. not simply answers to questions)

6. Decide what course of action Ford should have taken. Describe your reasoning that led to your position and conclusion.

· Evaluation

The following rubric indicates those areas you should be focusing on in preparing your assignment, and how the instructor will weigh these components relative to one another.

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