Chapter 10 Evaluation & Policy Analysis

Identify an organization (a department/office/bureau/etc.) that works in the homeland security field. 
-Identify the inputs, outputs, and outcomes for that organization. 
-What are the implications of those? 
-What are the costs of the program, both in terms of the dollars spent by the program and the inconveniences or harms to people outside the program (called externalities, you can estimate or even guesstimate this if you must)? (For example, the TSA costs money to run but also costs travelers billions of dollars of wasted time ( 
-If you assume a value of a life lost at $8 million dollars, how many lives must the organization be responsible for saving every year to make the benefits of the program exceed the costs?

For benefits to be greater than costs, (lives saved*$8M per life)>(expenditures + external costs) . This can be rearranged so that:
lives saved per year > (expenditures per year + external costs per year)/$8M

Text book:
Fundamentals of Research in Criminology and Criminal Justice
By: Ronet D. Bachman & Russell K. Schutt

Bachman, R., & Schutt, R. K. (2018). Fundamentals of research in criminology and criminal justice. Los Angeles: SAGE.

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