Chapter 8 Qualitative Analysis

Using the sources of homeland security articles (, find a paper that has qualitative research. 

-What is the research design used? Describe in detail. 
-If participant observation, is it just observer or do they participate, overtly or covertly? 
-Is the observation systemic? 
-If interviews, who is being interviewed? 
-Are the interviews structured, semi-structured, or unstructured? 
-If focus groups, who, how many, etc.? 
Additionally, how did they analyze the qualitative data? 
-Did they turn it to something quantitative? 
-Did they use another approach (grounded theory or something else that they describe)?

Text book:
Fundamentals of Research in Criminology and Criminal Justice
By: Ronet D. Bachman & Russell K. Schutt

Bachman, R., & Schutt, R. K. (2018). Fundamentals of research in criminology and criminal justice. Los Angeles: SAGE.

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