Crime prevention and community

Choose and answer ONE of the following questions:

Option 1. Recent crime prevention policy and initiatives can be seen as highly politicised. Discuss the link between law and order politics, fear of crime and crime prevention strategy using local examples.

Option 2. Citing examples, provide a critical analysis of preventive policing strategies (ie. Hotspot, zero­tolerance, problem­oriented policing etc.) and discuss their impact on the community. Why are these strategies popular? Are there any potentially damaging side­effects of these policing methods to police/community relations?

Option 3. The crime prevention industry is growing at a rapid pace in Australia and around the world.Critically discuss this trend and outline some of the key dangers that may emerge from the commercialisation of crime control.

Option 4. Discuss the importance of evaluation to crime prevention strategy. Why is it so important in producing effective crime policy and prevention strategies?

Your essay should critically examine the key subject matter and clearly display your understanding of

the relevant material covered throughout the semester.


Must use at least 14 academic sources.
You must engage with the key texts used throughout this unit.

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