HCT maintains 14 different libraries within each college

HCT maintains 14 different libraries within each college. HCT wishes to integrate all college libraries within one centralized system using a state of the art SOA architecture. In particular, the system will record the books owned by the library and will record who has borrowed what books. Before someone can borrow a book, he or she must show a valid ID card, which is checked to insure that it is still valid against the student database maintained by the registrar’s ofce (for student borrowers), the faculty/staff database maintained by the personnel ofce (for faculty/staff borrowers). The system must also check to ensure that the borrower does not have any overdue books or unpaid nes before he or she can borrow another book. Every Monday, the library sends emails to those people with overdue books. If a book is overdue by more than two weeks, a ne will be imposed and the system will automatically notify the user about the ne by sending an email. Sometimes, books are lost or returned in damaged condition. The manager must then remove them from the database and ask the person responsible for the damage to pay the value of the damaged property. Task A [25 Marks]: Create a Business Process Modeling Notation Diagram that will model the above process. For this task, you can make any logical assumptions that you may decide is necessary for completing the model. If any assumptions are made you must document them by providing some explanations/justications. Use any professional modelling tool (e.g. Microsoft Visio) to design the process model. Task B [25 Marks]: Identify and match a web service for each activity (or activities) presented in your BPMN diagram. Provide adequate documentation to describe the name of the service and its functionality.

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