Housing and the Environment – A Visual Exploration

Housing and the Environment – A Visual Exploration 0 unread of 0 messagesView Full Description Forum Question: Go to the following site: http://ift.tt/wwTpuj and explore several of the Stories featured under the home page “Stories” link. At this time, do not explore the “Countries” or “Series” links. Recall that in our Week 1 forum, we visited this “Stories” link and discussed the stories. For this forum, you will create an original story inspired by the format you see at this link. To complete this forum, answer ONE of the following questions: 1) What are some key obstacles to affordable housing today, as illustrated by an original story? In answering this question, you must choose a person from your life (not from the site) whose story relates to affordable housing in some way. This can be yourself, or you may speak to someone else to learn her or his story. Then, do the following: — Paste, link to, or attach a photograph of the person (names are not necessary) — Write a narrative of 300 words or more from the subject’s rst person point of view (if using another person’s story, you may imagine what you feel he or she would say) — Indicate the location of the person/story at the bottom of the narrative For an example of the format, see: http://ift.tt/2uWEMbi Or 2) What are the causes and effects of an environmental issue that is affecting a population outside the U.S., as shown in a story from a recent internet news article? In answering this question, you must choose a news article (not a story from the site) 

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