islamic baking

1- Please answer the questions that i attached using the financial statements of the company,that we chose it ,We chose ( EMAAR) company .
2-Please submit both the excel file and the word file.
3- Report the calculated ratios in the word file as well.В 
4-Please use a font size of 12. Please answer all questions separately.

we have to answer the questions , and doing the calculations , i attached word of the questions and excel sheet of calculations you have to do same as this example of the calculations in the excel sheet but based on EMAAR information and i upload PPT of the explanation of the calculations that you have do it in the excel sheet ,also i upload word document has information about EMAAR that we wrote it that might help you also ,you have to use the recent financial statement of the company for example 2017 if it is available or 2016.В 


answer each question seperatly with more explanation also the excel sheet dont forget to make it.

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