IT 330 Lab 3: Normalization


IT 330 Lab 3: Normalization
Objective: Normalize table to third normal form (3NF)

Submission requirements:

· For all text and image submissions, use MS Word, which is available to you within the Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI).

· For all SQL code submissions, use MS Word, which is available to you within VDI.

· For all diagrams submissions, use MS Visio, which is available to you within VDI.

· Note: If you need assistance on how to get started with this tool, go to the references section at the end of this document.

· If the submission is more than one file:

1. Name each item appropriately.

a. For example: LAB3-Normalization-yourName.vsd, LAB3-Questions-yourName.docx

2. Save each item in a single folder.

3. This folder should also be named appropriately.

a. For example: LAB3-yourName

4. Compress the folder.

5. Submit the compressed file in Blackboard.

Lab: For this assignment, you will normalize the below Orders table to 3NF. Make sure to identify all the entities and their attributes, especially if you make any new items (such as entity or attributes). The following is a list of possible attributes for ORDERS; you may have more:












Submit dependency diagrams for all entities you create. The following table is a sample of data, before ORDERS was normalized. Please start with the below table and then write out each dependency diagram as you move from 1NF to 2NF to 3NF. Show your progress and submit your final document with all dependency diagrams in Blackboard.


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