Looking at depression and the film with analytical eyes

One cultural concept/notion/artifact (anxiety, cultural appropriation, Facebook, etc.)

Based on the short film: An Animated Short Film HD: "Hanging" – by Nick LeDonne https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g0joParCg1Y 

Consider the way it works as a text to provide a sub textual reading of this text. Consider its form and its content (language, the narrator, style, use of symbolism, metaphor, and other literary devices) to produce an analytical interpretation of this text. If your text is visual make sure you consider its visual language. If you are developing a reading of a concept/cultural artifact, pay attention to its own “language” (e.g. Facebook’s use of posts, likes, pokes, images, texts, etc.)

Using the five step analysis (universal assignment): 

1. Locate exact repetitions- Identical or nearly identical words or details- and note the number of times each repeats. 

2. Locate repetition of the same kind of detail or words. We call this a strand- grouping of the same or similar kind of words or details. ( for example, "Polite, courteous, mannerly.) Think of strands as clusters or words-detail families that repeat throughout a verbal or visual subject 

3. Locate details or words that form or suggest binary oppositions. we call these binaries or organizing contrasts. Images of rock or water might suggest the implied binary "permanent/ impermanent" or " Changing/Unchanging

4. Choose what you take to be the key repetitions, strands, and binaries- which may involve renaming or labeling them and ranking them in some order of importance. For example, If you are analyzing picture YOUR LEAP MIGHT ANSWER THE QUESTION "WHAT DOES THIS PICTURE SAY"? 

5. Write up the three lists that you have been composing and the write a focused paragraph in which you explain your choice of one repetition or one stand or one binary as especially significant 

Use the Annotated Bibliography for sources and beyond

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