Multicultural/Ethics in Institutional Corrections Issue Paper and Presentation

Each student will write a paper pertaining to multiculturalism and ethical issues as relevant to the American Institutional Corrections System. The content must address three major components: multiculturalism, ethics, and institutional corrections.
Multicultural issue: The instructor defines multicultural as a topic pertinent to race, ethnicity, religious affiliation or lack thereof, sexual identity (LGBTQ), as well as socio-economic status.
Institutional Corrections: The paper should have institutional corrections relevancy.
Ethics: This is essentially what is right or wrong, and how your multicultural topic should or should not be handled by the corrections practitioner. The paper should be a minimum of 5 full pages of text (number not to include cover page or references), typed, double-spaced. 12pt Times New Roman font with 1” margins. Citation and format in APA.

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