Agrichemical Uses

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For the topic, do not only focus on pesticides but other groups of agrochemical as well.  What about herbicides? 

 Globally, where are agrochemicals used?  Globally, what kind of agrochemicals are used extensively?  What are the so-called no. 1 to no. 5 agrochemicals?  Pesticides or fertilizers? 

 Why are they used extensively?  on what kind of crops? 

Please include figures and tables of data.  A comparison on historical use and current use would be useful .

Do not have to include EU regulations, policies, effects of agrichemical. Focus should only be the usage. 


Title page:

Name, Title, School


– Keywords maximum 5

– Less than 1 page


– 1/2 to maximum 1 page 

– The topic, what you are doing, the structure

– Last part of it should say what the paper is going to have/say. 

– There should be a flow/linkage from an info to another. Don’t put unnecessary information that cannot be linked to the paper/other info. 


– If figures and tables are used, add caption and citation. 

E.g figure 1. China vs India usage….

– Can use auto caption and cross reference function (under insert) for the figures/tables. 


– Not necessary for recommendations.

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