Applied Business Research and Analysis Level 6

Do not include title, Table of Contents, keywords, any appendices and references in the word count.

? It is strongly recommended to write your assignment in 3rd person

Relates to Learning Outcomes:

? Appreciate the nature of business research and the research process.

? Evaluate, critically, the quality of secondary data and published business research.

? Determine the appropriateness of qualitative and/or quantitative methods to meet business research objectives.

? Design and present a research proposal to meet information needs in relation to solving a business problem.

Draft skeleton for essay:

? Title – No more than twenty words

? Keywords – three to five best describe your topic

? Abstract/Executive Summary – summarises the main points of the research essay (150-200 words)

? Introduction – descriptive introduction of your essay (set the scene for the reader including the rationale and purpose of this study. State (or re-state) Dr Christos Papanagnou 3 the aim and objectives of the topic you chose. Define the aim and research questions/objectives and/or hypotheses.

? Literature Review – a critical review of books, academic papers, practitioner articles, and other reporting materials for your area of study. You should compare and contrast the literature (compare – look for similarities, contrast – look for differences), and then provide a synthesis of the literature (a synthesis brings together a combination of concepts/ideas).

? Research Methodology– do clearly describe the methodology you have followed to undertake research. State the methods you used to collect data and include a consideration of the concepts and theories, which underlie the methods. Include the different parts of the research onion.

? Presentation of results and discussion– present any results, evaluations, and findings. State how you have addressed the research questions and/or hypotheses. Consider the essay overall and highlight the main factors (link to literature and findings where possible)

? Conclusion – summarise all that you have written about and highlight the main points and central argument/s for the reader.

? References – Use the Harvard referencing system for all citations and references.

Harvard Style

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