Business & Finance – Financial markets

Must be 11 pages

Must have an introduction paragraph and conclusion

Each question must be fully answered and underlined

Examples Must be provided

In text references must be within last 5 years

This is based on a Nursing Home

1. Select one (1) specific analytical tool that you can use to determine whether or not the adaptive strategy below will be the most effective in helping the organization achieve its goals. 

(Adaptive strategies are a works in progress, and it will not be the only response to the increasing service demands. As a whole, No Place like Home Nursing Home must continue to perform static measures such as improved forecasting, decentralized decision-making, and buffering with excess capacity, respectively. Also, the most appropriate method in this situation first begins by engaging stakeholders)

2. Propose the manner in which you would use this analytical tool, and support your proposal with an example of its proposed use.

3. Recommend one (1) solution to each of the following barriers in question.

1. Increased competition 

2. The massive influx of patients and internal staff motivation.

4. Determine the specific segment of the market that your organization’s strategy or strategies will target.

5. Recommend whether pre-service, point-of-service, or after-service activities would be the most effective in approach in marketing your strategy or strategies No Place like Home Nursing Home target customers. Support your recommendation with examples of such effectiveness.

6. Propose the most effective manner in which No Place like Home Nursing Home can support its strategic direction within its culture and structure.

7. Determine the most effective manner in which each of the following strategic resources can be instrumental in helping No Place like Home Nursing Home to achieve its strategic goals: finance, human resources, facilities, and IT. Provide a specific example relevant to each resource to support your response.

8. Evaluate how well the strategic plan you have developed aligns with the organization’s mission and vision. 

The Mission statements of No Place like Home Nursing Home refers one primary goal. That goal is to provide access to health care for everyone and to be a leader in delivering high healthcare facilities. No Place like Home Nursing Home vision is to improve the lives of patients within our community and beyond. These two aspects of the No Place like Home Nursing Home are the driving force in providing the most appropriate healthcare levels and improving the society health.

9. Recommend three (3) specific strategies to track the effectiveness of your strategic plan.

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