Hipaa Past, Present And Future.

Students will choose from a selection of health care entities and specific fields within those entities and prepare a 10-page (not including Title, Abstract and Reference pages) applied research paper. Students will be required to research the healthcare specific industry and their chosen field within that industry. Students will analyze the legal, ethical, regulatory, political and economic issues involved and prepare the paper in accordance with the latest APA guidelines. Submit your choice of 1) health care specific field and 2) topic of study within that field to the instructor no later than the Saturday of the second week of the course. Students may, but are not required to submit a working outline for your paper prior to the midpoint of the course. The instructor will review this document and comment to assist you in preparing your final paper. This paper must comply with all APA guidelines. YOU MUST CITE AND REFERENCE AT LEAST 5 PEER-REVIEWED SOURCES IN YOUR PAPER AND THEY MUST BE APA COMPLIANT.


I have to write on the origins, the current state of affairs and its future. 

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