Identify the intellectual property implications in this scenario.

Instructions: Six months ago, Acme, Inc. received a patent on a drug that will provide immortality to all. Acme’s president has publicly stated he has no plans to market the drug. Beta, Inc. copies the drug and releases it on the market. Beta makes no profit on the sale of this drug and only charges enough to cover its costs in manufacturing. In 1500 – 2100 words, address the following:

1. Identify the intellectual property implications in this scenario.

2. Discuss how alternative dispute resolution applies.

3. Identify the ethical dilemma faced by Acme, and the dilemma 
faced by Beta. Use two theories of ethical thoughts to discuss 
the recommended course of action by both companies. 

Use at least four credible sources, one of which is the assigned textbook in this class (Textbook is attached). Your response must include four credible/quality references.

Your essay must be in APA 6th edition format, and include a title page and references page. An abstract is not required. 

If you need further clarification, please don't hesitate to contact me.

WARNING: No more than 10% of your writing should consist of quotes from other sources. The vast majority of your work should be your own original analysis. Paraphrase what you read instead of quoting.

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