12 point font, 1250 word count limit. Direct quotes are not allowed, but you still must cite your sources.• When citing a publication, you must include the author’s name(s), publication date, and page number. Websites, magazines, and newspapers are not acceptable sources. All sources used must have a url copy so it can be accessed. One of the three sources must be from Karen B. Strier's fifth edition of Primate Behavior Ecology. You will be graded on your ability to demonstrate your understanding of primate behavioral ecology and to illustrate theoretical concepts using real primatological research. Pay especially careful attention to underlined terms and make sure you discuss/define these terms in detail as part of your answer; but note that simply listing definitions is not enough. You are expected to synthesize information you’ve learned in readings in answering your chosen question to show what you have learned so far about primate behavioral ecology. For the file I uploaded don't worry about lecture or discussion I will add those parts in later.

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