NCAA Case Assignment

Questions to help analyze the case

1-Which school of thought on ethical standards is relevant to the NCAA case? Why?

2. What were the drivers of the unethical strategies and behaviors in college sports?

3. Why was football the only sport being seriously considered for pay-for-play?

4. What were the sources of revenue for universities to fund athletic scholarships?

5. What was the cost to universities, and what was the value of pay, in the form of scholarships, that was being

provided to Division I and Division II athletes?

6. Can universities afford to pay football players (beyond the present scholarship amount) for their services as


7.    In your opinion, based on the case and on the materials in Chapter 9, are the amateurism and financial

assistance policies of the NCAA ethical



The. You have been selected as an intern to assist law firm defending the NCAA to provide an analysis of the ethics of paying football players and excluding other sports. Develop an ethical argument (regardless of your personal beliefs) that:

· Only football players should be paid

· All student athletes should be paidstudent athletes should be paid

· No student athlete should be paid above the present scholarship amountstudent athlete should be paid above the present scholarship amount

B. You have been hired as a consultant by the NCAA to assess the feasibility (from a university point of view) of increasing the payment to football players by $ 2,000, above their scholarship amount. How much would median expenses increase? Forecast the increase in expenses if that amount ($ 2,000) was provided to men's and women's basketball teams also. Produces a 5-6 page report. State any assumptions that you make and provide relevant charts and graphs to support your answers.

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