Project Program Bachelor of Business Subject Entrepreneurship in Context

Assessment Brief – Project
Program Bachelor of Business
Subject Entrepreneurship in Context
Subject code HAT201A
Name of assessment Project
Length 2000 (±10%) words
Learning outcomes addressed by this assessment: b) Apply theoretical concepts to the entrepreneurial decision-making process.
c) Demonstrate the use of business data in strategic decision making.
d) Describe the importance of target market analysis in entrepreneurship.
f) Forecast and evaluate business performance and report results on a timely basis
Submission Date: Sunday of Week 10 at 11:55pm
Assessment Brief Summary: Building on the financial position of their simulated hotel, students are required to develop a 5 year growth plan and present this in the form of a ‘prospectus’ to seek investment.
Students are required to outline the performance of the hotel over the simulated 5 year period and detail a 5 year growth plan.
Please see the marking guide for mark allocation.
Total marks 100 Marks
Weighting 50%
Students are required to create an investment prospectus for their HOTS hotel as a means to raise capital for future development over the next 5 years. As the focus of this assessment is to attract investment, the prospectus should aim to convince investors that the hotel is a profitable investment opportunity. It is essential that the prospectus is creative, professional and innovative in nature.
To begin with, students should select a location within Australia or New Zealand for their hotel and consider the implications of this location on their business – target market, reasons travellers visit this location, products/service/facilities that would attract these travellers, etc. Student should provide an overview of the chosen location, as well as detail the facilities currently provided at their hotel.
The prospectus should provide an overview of the financial position of the hotel prior to the simulation, compile the financial data throughout the 5 years of the simulation and summarise the major changes to the hotel at the end of the simulation. Students should compare the performance of their hotel to current & relevant industry benchmarks sourced through research. The prospectus should focus on presenting a 5 year growth plan & targets for the hotel and request financial investment to support the implementation of the strategy. Students also need to consider potential risks/threats to the success of their strategies and devise contingencies to overcome these.
Please note: If the hotel has performed poorly overall and has accrued significant debt, students may choose to propose & justify a sale price. Students will still need to propose growth targets & strategies that they believe will allow for the improvement of the financial performance of the hotel in the future.
The prospectus should focus on growth in the following areas of the hotel, focusing on emerging trends within the industry:
• Rooms
• Food and Beverage
• Conferencing
• Revenue
The prospectus must be submitted in compliance with the following:
1. Consider the performance of the hotel over the last 5 years to formulate projections for the next 5 years, ensuring that opportunities for growth and emerging trends are discussed.
2. Must be presented in report format of 2000 words in length (±10%).
3. The report must be uploaded to the learning portal. No email or hard copies will be accepted.
4. The report will be due on Sunday of Week 10 at 11:55pm
5. A minimum of 10 references (minimum 6 academic & minimum 4 other sources) must be used. These should be referenced in the Harvard style, both in-text and in a reference list. References to ‘Wikipedia’ or similar unsubstantiated sources will not be accepted.
6. Extensions cannot be granted by the lecturer after the submission date. In the event of serious illness or unusual circumstances, a student may apply for Special Consideration in accordance with the rules and regulations governing this application, but it is important that such requests be made as soon as the circumstance is known.

HAT201A Project Marking Schedule
Student Name(s):
Criteria Marks Fail
( 50%) Pass (50-64%) Credit (65-74%) Distinction (75-84%) High
• Overview of the hotel, facilities and chosen location 15
Current Business Landscape:
• Overview of financial position of the hotel at the beginning of the simulation.
• Overview of the current financial position of the hotel
• Explanation of the strategies implemented that contributed to the hotel’s current position. What worked and what did not work.
• Outline of the changes in the major financial indicators.
• Comparison of hotel’s current financial position to recent & relevant industry benchmarks 30
Future Proof – 5 Year Growth Strategy:
• Financial targets for the next 5 years identified, focusing on the outlined key growth areas.
• Appropriate emerging trends discussed and addressed by strategies
• Suitable & feasible strategies proposed for each key growth area
• Strategies are relevant to the overall growth strategy of the hotel.
• Risks to success of strategies identified and contingencies suggested
• Investment amount OR sale price
proposed & justified
• Financial incentives to encourage investment/purchase proposed (e.g.
ROI, , pay-back period, % of profits, etc.) 40
Report format and presentation:
• Clear and logical structure
• Evidence of adequate depth and breadth of research
• Academic & theoretical justification
• Referencing (Harvard style)
• Spelling, grammar, flow 15
Total Marks 100

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