Risk Management & Response Plan Assignment

1) I have send you my first assignment to work on which is Project communication plan (Order id: 056333207). So, we need to work on this third assignment which is 'Risk Management & Response Plan' using the first assignment project only. 
2) The assignment should be logical and creative. You can use creativity in writing and it should be effective. 
3) Needs to include a Risk register compulsory in which you need to mention a table with the following columns: Risk, Impact, Probability,risk score, response, owner, residual risk and many more. This table can be done in excel sheet also, just send me excel sheet and mention it in the main paper of this attachment. And definitions in risk mitigation plan is also necessary.
4) I will send you previous assignment pics in one or two days.
5) Text books and assignment instruction pdf is attached, every single piece of information needs to be explained thoroughly and should be available in the paper
6) As this course is a project management course it should be at an expert level.
7) Project overview you have written in second assignment: change control plan is very lengthy, just half of the page is fine in this assignment.

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