Write about biology of sex within specific species

4 pages 

it must be clearly written with intro and conclusion paragraphs.  Have someone proofread it so you don’t lose points!  

You must have at least  5 sources , and you must cite them within the paper using proper notation (you choose which style), and have a references section at the end.  Quotes MUST be in quotations and must be cited.  If they are not, it’s plagiarism 

I made the paper topic broad and vague on purpose


· Write about biology of sex within specific species (e.g. peacocks, bower birds, baboons, hyenas, etc)

· Write about biology of sex topics (e.g. asexual reproduction, sexual selection, mating strategies, hermaphrodites, intersex, etc)

Potential ideas for points to address in your paper (not all points will be relevant to all papers): 

· What is your topic?

· What are the important points about your topic?

· What studies have been done in the past and what were their results?

· What studies are being done now and what are their results?

· What interests you about this topic?

· How is it relevant to society?  (and which society?)

· How has it changed over time?

· How is it relevant to your life?

· Etc.

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