Developing a Body Paragraph

Developing a Body Paragraph

Q1-Develop one BODY paragraph of your research essay. Your paragraph will begin with one of the topic sentences from your sentence outline.

-Question: Consider where evidence from your sources will help support your ideas, and make sure you comment on the evidence to show how it supports the topic sentence. (Use below paragraph)


The function of accounting in the society has changed from the traditional view and has increased its interest requirements and power relations. Many businesses and organizations are financed by individuals in the society by acting as shareholders. However, these businesses usually face diversification challenges caused by globalization, base regulations, globalization of finance and the integration of financial sectors in the world. These challenges have led to increases in accounting challenges faced by organizations and businesses hence the need to develop a new technique for accounting for funds at their disposal (Worrell, Di Gang, & Bush,2013). Hence accounting information is the true representation of businesses true financial position by the shareholders; that is the society. To account for funds, it’s a requirement that each business has its accounting or finance department that follows universally acceptable accounting principles coupled with conducting of an audit of their accounts and provision of a comprehensive income statement and financial position which must be available at all time. Accounting ensures fairness, security and even quality of the business. It’s through accounting that the business can understand its profitability, liquidity, and its efficiency which can aid it in planning for future endeavors without making mistakes that may have negative impact and improvement on its financial health. The information provided enables individuals to make decisions on investment through consideration of associated risk and objectives of investment and financial performance of the organization before committing one’s money.


Worrell, J. L., Di Gangi, P. M., & Bush, A. A. (2013). Exploring the use of the Delphi method in accounting information systems research. International Journal of Accounting Information Systems14(3), 193-208.


Q2- Find an example of evidence used in the (below) paragraph and consider it in light of the reading on  Using Evidence . What characteristics of weak or strong evidence, or of effective or ineffective quotation do you observe? Please be constructive in your comments, so that if you find areas for improvement, you point them out respectfully and include suggestions for more effective use of evidence.


First, millennials have been completing school without an actual understanding of the baseline skills they were supposed to have learned, and the cause is primitive. Basic human nature is to evaluate and prioritize what an individual finds important; this occurs consciously and subconsciously. Endless examples of this range from self-preservation, to waiting to use the bathroom as to not miss a part of a show. Because of this, students have learned that there is little precedence on committing all the things taught in school to memory. As shown in studies lead by the U.S. Department of Education, only 25% of graduating Seniors were considered to be “at or above proficient” ("NAEP Report Cards – Home," 2015) in surveyed STEM fieldsThis is significant because even with the substandard acquisition of basic skills by 75% of seniors, they are still graduating and expected to contribute positively to societyAs means of being able to access endless information from the phone found in nearly every pocket grow, there is less and less incentive to learn academics. As of 2013, 78% percent of teens had a cell phone (Madden & Pew Internet & American Life Project, 2013, p. 2), and that number has only grown since. Many people are learning that there is not much incentive to committing time – the most precious commodity in the universe – to learning skills which technology can afford them. The examples of how society relies on technology everyday are far too vast to be covered, though a moment’s reflection will reveal how much it has become part of life. To note one example most are familiar with is the one of witnessing a millennial cashier make a mistake on a cash register and be forced to calculate some level of math (usually subtraction) to figure out change. Subtraction is the most basic of academic skills, which is taught as young as Kindergarten. Why is this happening? It is because the reliance on technology has not only become common place; it has become a substitute for learning.  


Grammar Lab Discussion and Punctuation Marks

Q1 – Which punctuation marks do you think are most difficult to use correctly? Why? What might you do to help remember the rules for these punctuation marks or to make effective choices about these punctuation marks? Explain:


Q2  -Respond to below post about a punctuation marks, and find an example of effective use of that punctuation marks. The example could come from your own writing or from outside published writing. Quote the example and explain what is effective about the punctuation choice. (Use below post)



“I think that Commas are the most difficult punctuation mark to use. Out of all the punctuation mark rules, the rule for punctuation marks is the most subjective. I think semi-colons are similar, but don't have a as severe impact on a sentence if deciding whether to use them or not. All the other marks lay out how they are to be used, and as long as you can remember them, they are simple enough to do. Commas require interpretation of the how the sentence is constructed. For example: If you are making a point in one long sentence, you need to determine a point at which using commas is no longer effective and making a run on sentence”. 

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