Practical application:

Practical application:

1. Write a descriptive composite of a typical case based on Anxiety. Base the fictitious case character on your research of the typical presentation of the disorder.

This case example should include your knowledge of demographics, prevalence, and associated features. For example, if your chosen disorder most typically occurs within females between the ages of 20–34, your case example should be of a female of that age range. Add details to your case example based on other characteristics you've identified through your research.

2. Next, with this case composite, discuss specifically how this client’s symptoms are manifested in the sport/exercise setting.

3. To get started, create an identity for the athlete in your case example. Draw from both your professional experience and the information you learned from your literature review to help you create the profile of your client. You want to develop a detailed enough profile that the reader will gain an understanding of the symptoms and pathology.

4. After you have created your case example, discuss disorders that are similar to the disorder you have chosen to research and explain how you would differentiate between them. You might consult the DSM Differential Diagnosis section for your chosen disorder as a guide; however, also integrate information from your literature review with the discussion.

5. Create your two- to three-page case presentation in APA rules

Grading criteria:

Created a case example and applied professional experience, literature review data, knowledge of demographics, prevalence, and associated features to present clearly the symptoms and pathology of the disorder.

Outlined key points for differential diagnosis of the case.

Wrote in a clear, concise, and organized manner; demonstrated ethical scholarship in accurate representation and attribution of sources, displayed accurate spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

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