Mind-Body and Energy Techniques

Mind-Body and Energy Techniques
There are several Mind-Body and Energy techniques.

Your assignment is to find, post the link to, and summarize according to competencies a YouTube video presenting a Mind-Body technique in a professional manner. You can search using keywords like; mind-body, meditation, relaxation, guided imagery, Reiki, Body Talk, Therapeutic Touch, etc.

The video should be no longer than 10 minutes. Spend some time viewing different videos in order to provide your classmates a good learning experience. Please be cautious of inappropriate or unprofessional videos.

Provide a transcript like summary of the YouTube video addressing how the video correlates with the following course competences:

How natural systems of the human body function (C1.1),
The impact of humans on the environment (C1.2),
The impact of ethnicity and culture (C1.3),
Discerning evidence-based research from personal, cultural, or religious beliefs (1.5),
Correlating illness prevention, health promotion, health restoration, patient education and empowerment as it relates to alternative and complementary healthcare (C2.1).

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