Sales Call strategy Report




Write a little more about the company/background like physical territory where is located (101 SE 2nd Pl, Gainesville, FL 32601)

· Detailed about product that selling

· At least 3 other competitors (this must be real) of event production in Gainesville (competitors that sell similar product)

· Selling representative wants to know where the product is going to be sold (this can be made up) if only in Gainesville or other parts is going to be the product sold.

· Percentage of my company in the selling territory, how much we own in the market compared to its competitors (numbers can be made up they should only be kind of realistic)

· Costumer profile how are you selling? To an individual to a business/firm identify situation if new or existing client, identify their needs (what are they looking for)

· Add: needs, authority, means, and eligibility (bold each of them)

· Value competitors analysis chart with numbers

· 2 selling points

· Ensure costumer satisfaction


· She told me that I can use a lot of the information that was there but I have to do some major changes and the above one is some of them. The product that has to be included in the report can be the same as the person I shadowed the event services or I can add another product and use hypothetical numbers and everything that looks kind of realist because with this report I have to do the next step that is film myself in a video with this report. I will send you the list of handling and closing you can use and I am sending you 3 past project that got 100. Thank you




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