Social Science – Sociology

Identify a recent local or national news story involving a person or a population currently struggling with a problem. Consider how an indicated preventive intervention approach may be applied to this problem.


• Review the media program, "Intervention," with Dr. Mark Kiselica (video attached) Reflect on challenges that may arise in the design and implementation of an intervention plan and how a counselor might address these challenges.


• Think about the challenges that may be associated with designing and implementing the indicated preventive intervention plan you identified, and how you might address them.


Designing and implementing an effective intervention presents various challenges for the counselor. How might a counselor best address these challenges?


Provide a brief description of the indicated preventive intervention that you identified for this Discussion. Describe two or more foreseeable challenges associated with the design and implementation of the intervention, and how these challenges may be addressed.


Cite all work must be plagiarized free. Please see attachments to help with assignment and please use other references and cite them. 

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