Supply Chain Management


Select a manufacturer and assume you are the supply chain manager of this organization. Analyze the effectiveness of the four key flows in supply chain, the make process and the supply chain forecasting. Base on analysis, recommend improvements by apply theories and concept in SCM. (2000 words , min 12 reference)

1) Introduction – Outline background and purpose of this report and provide key information about the selected organization.

2) The Key Flows in Supply Chain – Analyze the effectiveness of the product flow, information flow, cash flow and return flow of the selected org. Recommend improvements and use diagrams for illustrations.

3) The Make Process – Analyze the effectiveness of the production/scheduling process and material requirement planning process. Recommend improvements.

4) The Supply Chain Forecasting – Review the different forecasting models and recommend the mos effective forecast model/method. Justify recommendations, provide examples.

5) Conclusion

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