1. Select at least one quote from each reading this week. (You can use bullets this week if you prefer.) There are 4 readings so there should be 4 quotes.

2. Explain why the quote is important or interesting.

3. Discuss what you learned about assessment in math/science/STEM/STEAM this week.

300 words

apa format

3 in text citations

Use attachment for reading and reference and the following:


Keeley,   P. (2014). Habitat change: Formative assessment of a cautionary word. Science   and 

Children,   51(7), 26-27.

Schleigh,   S. (2014). Assessments in the arguments. Science and Children, 51(8), 46-53.

Zissman,   T. (2013). Measuring success: Second graders design, build, test, and improve   tools 

to   map a waterway. Science and Children, 51(2), 68-74. 

Californians   Dedicated to Education Foundation. (2014) INNOVATE: A Blueprint for Science, Technology, Engineering, and   Mathematics in California Public Education – A report by State Superintendent   of Public Instruction Tom Torlakson’s STEM Task Force. Retrieved from 


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