Implementing Parking Sensors to Improve CSUN Campus Parking

Questions to Be Investigated

At the preliminary stage of our research, our report will need to address the following questions related to the parking sensors are:


1. How many parking spots (staff and student) are available on campus?

2. How many parking passes are issued per semester?

3. What other campuses have high levels of commuting students? And how do they deal with the issue of on campus parking?

4. How much do parking sensors cost?

5. Where will the parking sensors be placed? What size are they?

6. How long will it take for the parking sensors to be implemented?

7. How do the parking sensors work?

8. How do the sensors benefit students?

9. What drawbacks are associated with parking sensors?

10. Do parking sensors have any additional pros? Time, pollution, safety, etc.


We propose dividing our research into three main parts: CSUN data, parking sensor details and efficiency, and additional benefits.

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