It’s basically a research about the western civilization

It's basically a research about the western civilization, I'd like you to help me writing a 4-6 pages essay about any topic that is related to the western civilization. Here are the instructors: 

In the textbook, there are many grey windows with primary readings in them. Parouse through these and pick one that you would lik to analyze. As a primary document, the reading should tell you a great deal about the time, place and culture it comes from. In a 4-6 page essay, discuss the historical value of your selection. For instance: What kind of document is it (ie., fiction, poetry, essay), when and where was it produced, and who is the author? Provide a brief (no more than 1 page) summary of the work’s plot or argument, its major characters, and its dominant themes. In the remainder of the paper, describe what we can learn about the author’s culture from the work. What social, personal or religious values does it reveal (ie., respect for heroism; monotheism; duty to the state; concern about justice; admiration for science), and how does it reveal them? Does the author celebrate or criticize his native culture, and on what grounds? Does the author disclose any biases that might make us question his reliability – that is, is this a reliable resource for us to use to study the past? Finally, if space permits, provide a personal reaction to the work. Did you enjoy reading it, find it illuminating and meaningful – or not? Some of these documents are complicated – they’re among the greatest works of literature ever produced – and you must give them the time and attention they deserve. Please use at least one source from JSTOR, and limit yourself to only one encyclopedia reference (if any). Wikipedia does not count as a collegiate academic source, as we have no assurity of authenticity from the staff of Wikipedia. Feel free to discuss your reading with me at any time.

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