Library Research Exercise

Library Research Exercise

MGMT 5355 Online


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This is an individual assignment. Each person is responsible for conducting their own assignment. Please answer all of the questions below about the following company and its primary industry group:

Company Questions


Name of the company: 




What is the ticker symbol for this company?


Where is this company’s World Headquarters located?



Who is the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of this company?

What were the total operating revenues (sales) for this company as of 12/31/2016? (Hint: Use Mergent Online)



What was the company’s total operating revenue CAGR (in %) between 12/31/2012 and 12/31/2016?



What was the firm’s ROE (return on stockholder’s equity) as of 12/31/2016? (Hint: Calculate from Mergent Online; do not use pre-calculated ratios)



What was the firm’s EPS (earnings per share, fully diluted) as of 12/31/2016? (Hint: on Mergent, from the Income Statement, the line is Net Income per share – diluted. Report as $x.xx per share).

Which of the five generic competitive strategies described in Chapter Five of the Gamble Textbook best describes the competitive strategy of Southwest Airlines?

Briefly describe in one full paragraph your company’s business and operations. (What does your company do?) (Hint: Use Value Line or Mergent Online).

For Southwest Airlines operating expenses, what is the single largest operating expense for the company per Available Seat Mile (ASM) and how much is it? (Hint: Use Southwest Airlines Annual Report, page 45)

What is the Fiscal 2018 EPS (Earnings per share) forecast for this company? (Hint: Use Value Line Investment Survey for Southwest Airlines dated 8-25-2017. Report as $x.xx per share).

Does Value Line rate this stock as a good long-term investment? Explain in 1-2 paragraphs. (Hint: Use Value Line Investment Survey dated 08-25-2017).


What does the Chief Executive Officer for your company state is the company’s strategic plan going into 2017 and beyond? Briefly summarize the goals in one or two full paragraphs. (Hint: Use Southwest Airlines Annual Report, pages 1 thru 4).

Industry Questions


What is the name of your company’s primary industry? (Hint: Use Ibis World)


Domestic Airlines in the U.S.




What is this industry’s primary NAICS code, according to Ibis World?

What are the primary products and/or services for this industry?

What company has the largest market share in this industry and what is their US market share?

What were the total sales (revenues) for this industry in 2016? (Hint: Use Ibis World Industry Data Table).


What are the Key External Drivers of this industry? Briefly summarize these key external drivers. (Hint: Use Ibis World).




What are the Key Success Factors for this industry? Briefly summarize these key success factors. (Hint: Use Ibis World).


Briefly summarize the Current Performance of this industry over the last five years. (Hint: Use Ibis World)

What is the level of globalization in this industry? What is the Trend? Discuss Why. (Hint: Use IBIS World, Industry Globalization section of report).


What was this industry’s sales (revenue) growth rate from 2012 to 2017?




What are the Major Markets for this industry's products? Which segment represents the largest market for this industry? Why? (Hint: use IBIS World, Products & Markets, Major Markets section).

What is the forecast for this industry's sales from 2017 to 2022? What is your evaluation of this growth rate forecast? Explain in two paragraphs. (Hint: use IBIS World, Revenue Outlook section)

What is the outlook for competition in this industry from 2017 to 2022? Briefly summarize this outlook in two paragraphs.

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