12 angry men

Hollywood Opportunity
The film is a means for you to identify and explain your understanding of course
topics present in the film.
DO NOT recite the movie plot or give a scene-by-scene description.
Instead explain how our course subject is present in the film or the message(s) the film
conveys regarding humanity, integrity, and the presence of remarkable human will.
You will not have time to discuss the whole movie.
Focus on connecting the character(s) / scene(s) to course topics and examples.
You will have 15 minutes to convey your understanding of the course content. 
For you to receive points, your presentation must be well outlined and rehearsed.
Below are examples of films you may use. You may choose another film but you must get my approval. I recognize it is possible some of you will find them offensive or disturbing. You are welcome to find something that suits your taste and is approved by me.
The film list
12 Angry Men

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