Assignment 2: Secondary Research

Assignment 2: Secondary Research
· Toddler T’s is a company offering mid-priced clothing for children aged 5 years and younger. Toddler T’s is ready to expand its retail locations by opening a new retail store in Nevada. They have narrowed their potential locations to Carson City, Henderson, Reno, or Sparks.

Toddler T’s has contracted you to determine the location using demographic data for each city. You have decided to utilize information provided by the U.S. Census Bureau to obtain needed demographic data using the following resource:

· State & County Quick Facts, U.S. Census Bureau. Retrieved from

Based on the demographic information available through the U.S. Census Bureau, identify the demographic categories that would be useful for Toddler T’s. Evaluate the selected categories to determine which city would be the best fit for Toddler T’s new retail location. Explain your selection citing information and giving reasons.  Justify your decision to use secondary data rather than conducting a primary research project.

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