Describe the Silk Road?

Research – Research Paper:

The paper should be a minimum of 8 double-spaced pages of text. (The submitted assignment will have 10 pages in total when including the title page and bibliography).

Note: Your paper may be checked for originality / plagiarism by TurnItIn.


Describe the Silk Road?

Both East and West benefitted from the Silk Road, but which side benefitted most, and in what ways?The paper should include:


1. A strong introduction which establishes your theme or thesis. The topic that you choose is the starting point from which you will develop your paper.

2. An identification of the historical figure or topic or event by giving appropriate background and biographical information.

3. The use of proper spelling and grammar, as well as writing in the past tense unless your subject is still alive.

4. A strong conclusion that sums up the major points.

5. Discussion of your critical evaluations of the sources used in researching your paper, weighing their strengths and weaknesses.

6. Your own observations, opinions, findings and analysis.

Acknowledgement of sources:

1. You must footnote the end of each and every paragraph unless the information in that paragraph is 100% original to you and you alone.

2. Every quotation requires a footnote.

3. Use the Chicago Manual of Style, including proper footnoting (or endnoting). That means click "Reference" and then "Insert Citation" and "Style" Chicago. Do not use the MLA or APA style.

4. The paper must include a bibliography listing a minimum of five scholarly book sources, and then you may use reference works, textbooks, encyclopedias, additional Internet sources, etc. Do not use Wikipedia.

5. Title page (with your name, course number, title of the paper, title of the topic, date the assignment is due)

6. 8-10 pages double-spaced text with one inch margins, font Times New Roman, 12 point

7. Bibliography (with all of the sources used in the compilation of the paper

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