Design Studying Desk for Students with Special Needs

In "Required Tasks" file.. these are the things we have to consider for designing our 3D school desk suitable with special needs.. for the descriptions of how to write the 7 detailed steps of the report you'll find them in "Engineering Design Outlines" file.. for the 3 drawings we have to draw them in 3D application. And then we have to choose one of them one of the drawing… to sum up: we need the essay written like a report style and it should consider introduction and Executive Summary you will find in the "Project Format and summery" how it should be and also the report should include the 7 steps design that i told you about, 3 drawings of 3D design and at the end one will be chosen and the other things that are required .. we've already started with some ideas of the desk but we need more information, you'll find them in "started project" file and you can complete with it and change. 

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