Field Task: Design a Creative Collaboration

Field Task: Designing Creative Collaboration

It is about coming up with creative collaborations. In this case, you will identify current groups who could eat together to improve something in your neighborhood.

Follow these steps:

1) Provide a one-sentence description of your sentence description of your neighborhood.

2) In a few more sentences, identify and describe briefly something that you believe could improve the livability and sustainability of your neighborhood. It might be to  fix a problem  (eg, the ravine where people illegally dump trash). It might be  enliven a space  (eg, painting a mural along a local underpass). Or it might be to  start a program or an annual event  (eg, a walking program for seniors or an event on "Creating Backyard Habitat"). If you are improving the physical space, a photo would be nice to embed, but not required. 

3) Locate and list groups  from different sectors  that could collaborate on this project in some way. Identify REAL groups using their REAL names. For example, does your neighborhood have a neighborhood association? Which city (s) would you like to share? Put together a creative, cross-sector collaboration: a relevant, yet diverse team that could make this community project happen

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