Music That Withstands the Times

What kind of music last longer than others? Why people enjoy certain songs from long time ago? Among many classical music pieces composed more than 100 years ago, we still listen to some of them while most of them disappeared. Even in pop music, we continue to love and enjoy certain songs from the 1960's or 1970's. Most of them are not played any more. Among the pop or K-pop songs that you enjoy now, which of them will still be enjoyed by many people when you are 70 years old? And why do you think so?
You may certainly discuss particular songs or composed works as examples.
Please submit in one of the three formats: * .doc, * .docx, or * .pdf. If you do not use MSWord, please convert the document to PDF format.

Structure (20%): The essay must consist of a few paragraphs separating introduction (1 paragraph), main text (2 ~ 4 paragraphs), and summary / conclusion (1 paragraph). However, do not use titles for sections or paragraphs since the structure should be obvious from what is written. The introduction should be a good beginning laying out what is to be discussed. The main text should be logically clear and consistently proceeding towards the conclusion. It should be divided into 2 ~ 4 paragraphs, each containing its own arguments or examples. The summary / conclusion should be a good ending without abrupt or hasty termination.

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