Shakespear’s King Lear or Scene 5 of Christopher Marlowe’s Dr. Faustus

Overview of the Paper. Paper 2 is a literary analysis paper of four (but no more than five) pages (excluding the "Works Cited" page) focusing on drama in the Renaissance. You have your choice of topics below.
Paper 2 involves outside research using academic sources or pertinent online resources.  Please use the guidelines below in determining the research of and inclusion of your sources.
Choice #1, Dr. Faustus
In Scene 5 of Christopher Marlowe’s Dr. Faustus, Lucifer himself introduces Faustus to the Seven Deadly Sins (l. 272), which begin to arrive on the stage in line 282.  Read through his introduction and the presentation of the sins carefully. Choose one of the sins and write a paper on it. The final paper should be cohesive; sub-topics are broken down here and enumerated, but this numeric presentation is done solely to highlight the various sub-topics you need to address in the paper.
See the information on “Development of the Paper” below to help you organize and develop this paper.
An overview of how your chosen sin is understood in the medieval and/or Renaissance periods. You can look outside of England, for example, the Italian Renaissance. Or you may want to look at how the concept of sin was personified in English morality plays. Your research should set up a clear understanding of the sin so that when you get to the next point, you can provide some elements of comparison and contrast.
A definition of the word sin as it is presented in Scene 5 of Faustus. This definition should be entirely in your own words. At this point, you should include some comparison/contrast connections between the research you have done and the dramatic presentation of your particular sin in this scene.
The role, if any, of the sin in the rest of the play. Namely, is Faust covetous? Is Wagner prideful? Think about how Marlow considers or understands the sin and some connection between the presentation scene in Scene 5 and your assertion about the sin in the rest of the play. Present at least one analysis of another scene where the sin is depicted.
Finally, draw some conclusions or reflections on the dramatic presentation of sin in the play, the literature, and/or the period.
 See “Development of the Paper” below for additional information to help you organize and develop this paper.
 Choice #2, King Lear
Shakespeare’s King Lear was produced during the period when King James was pursuing the union of Scotland and England into the kingdom of Great Britain. How does Shakespeare’s tragedy appear to comment or reflect upon this political project?
Research: Do some historical research into the period, but don’t be overly distracted by it. Use the research to support the presentation of the idea in the play itself, so you will also have to analyze particular scenes from the play to demonstrate your findings.
See “Development of the Paper” below for additional information to help you organize and develop this paper.
General Format for the Paper
MLA style of documentation and formatting must be used for formatting and documentation. A Works Cited page is required, including the documentation of the readings from the texts. These following sites should help you:
In-text citation:
Citing lines of a verse play:
Works Cited page:
Formatting of the paper:
There are additional resources available to you on writing literary analysis and the MLA style found in the Webliography (“Writing about Literature”) and at the UMUC Library’s (
Development of the Paper: Overall, the paper should have a strong thesis statement contained in an introductory paragraph; an organizational pattern that reflects control over the presentation of your ideas and information as you work through the development of your topic; body paragraphs that develop the thesis by using strong topic sentences and appropriate references to the research and/or the text; a concluding paragraph that concludes the paper itself; strong control over sentence level concerns, including stylistics, documentation style, and grammatical concerns.
Sources: At least three sources are needed. Please use at least one source from the UMUC Library’s databases. Any source from the Internet must be vetted and appropriate for academic use.
Here are some sites to help you:
UMUC Library’s Guide to Literature Resources:
Each of the tabs at this site can guide you through the process of finding, vetting, and presenting your sources.
Don’t forget you can contact a libraria

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