Strategic Management

Assignment 2 (5 marks)

In context to strategic management, search the Fortune “Most Admired Companies” 2010 and compare that list to the latest one of 2017. (

Which companies have fallen out of the top 10? Pick one of the companies and investigate why it is no longer on the list.

Which companies appeared both in 2010 and 2017? Why?

Which companies go to the top 10 list from not even being on the 10 in 2010 list? Pick one of the companies and investigate how it reached the top 10 list.

Conduct research on the selected companies. Try to explore what are the company’s opportunities, threats, strengths, and weaknesses? Prepare a 3- to-5 page report of the company. The report should include the following: a. Does the firm have any core competencies? Are any of these distinctive (better than the competition) competencies? Does the firm have any competitive advantage? What is its business model? Provide a SWOT analysis. What is the likely future of this firm if it continues on its current path?

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