Introduction to Sociology

Introduction to Sociology

Using Beth Schulman’s Betrayal of Work, as well as the information in your Text book, please answer the following:

Explain the principle thesis of the book. 

Explain how (and whether) the material in the book, as well as Chapters 10-12 of your text book, supports or refutes Shulman’s original thesis?

What specific examples, data and illustration (meaning the people she uses as examples) best represent the author’s thesis, explain how and whether they do. 

What are the books strengths, weaknesses. What elements did you find most compelling? Least compelling and why. 

What is your own experience, or those around you, with many of the issues she addresses in the book. Give examples and be specific.

In your own opinion, using what you know about these issues, what might be a way of solving many of the problems that low wage workers in America face today.


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