Technology And Social Change

Write a 1,150- to 1,400-word essay.

Format your assignment according to appropriate course level APA guidelines.

Include the following in your paper or presentation:

Provide an introduction that defines both technology      and social change, and discusses how they are related.
Discuss the impact of the personal computer, cellular      phones, and the Internet on society.
Using the three major sociological perspectives,      describe the equilibrium model, the digital divide, and cultural lag in      relation to these technologies and social change.
Include how technology has influenced social      epidemiology, health and the environment.
Explore a recent or emerging form of technology and      discuss its potential benefits or consequences for society.
Provide a conclusion that summarizes key points.
Cite at least three academic, peer-reviewed sources and two popular magazines.



Answer each question with a 75+ word – please make sure they are legible many have been completing part two with answers that do not make sense. 

1. New social movements are defined as movements that address values, social identities, and improvements in the quality of life. If you had the ability to mobilize resources to create a new social movement to promote or oppose social change, what social change would your movement address? Why and how?

2. Technology deals with practical problems. Often, however, while solving or easing one problem, technology may generate new ones. For example, the automobile gave people more mobility and freedom. It made it easier to separate work from home. However, more Americans die from automobile accidents each year. The availability of the car led to the growth of the suburbs, causing the consequent financial problems faced by cities. The mobility and freedom provided by the automobiles also reduced community constraints on people's behavior. Therefore the invention of the car solved some problems and created others. Can you think of other examples of technological advances that have solved some problems and created others? Please share

3. Do you favor the economic factors over protection of the environment? Why or why not?

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