: Earthquakes in California, prediction of the ‘Big One’

There will be one research paper due on the last day of class. The paper should be at least 1400 words, not including the bibliography.

Professor's comments on essay requirements:

1. I will be most impressed by (and likely to grade highly) a paper in which you demonstrate independent thought, analysis, or activity.

2. Papers consisting of many long passages in quotation marks are ineffective and will earn you a low grade.

3. Rephrasing an entry from wikipedia.com will earn you a very, very low grade.

Formatting the papers
Double-space the entire manuscript, and leave 1-inch margins on all sides of the page. 
Use a 12-point font, preferably Calibri or Arial. 

All sources (including interviews) should be fully referenced using a reference list keyed to internal citations (e.g., Lee, 1995, p. 34). Consult a style manual for the appropriate format and procedures. You must use internal citations for (1) direct quotes (shown in quotation marks) and (2) data, ideas, and interpretations from other sources, even though you have rewritten them. Material covered in class can be considered common knowledge, so you do not need a citation. 

When citing a Web source, try to include all of the following: 
*Specific author or source (e.g. Mary Lee, U.S. Geological Survey).
*Date information was posted on the Web (look for this site was last updated on.
*Title of the text or image (may not always be present).
*Complete URL (e.g. http//marylee/usgs/page.html). 
*Date accessed by you. 

Each term paper will be checked by turnitin.com for plagiarism. Each instance of plagiarism will drop your score by 20 points. If you have 3 or more instances of plagiarism, you will receive an F in the course and you will be reported to the Office of Student Conduct.

A, A- Student objectives are stated. Answers the objectives with superior examples or evidence; unusual insights, creative and original analysis, reasoning and explanation: superior mastery of content, including logical flow of ideas. 

B+, B Student objectives are stated. Good solid response that uses excellent supporting evidence or examples; excellent reasoning and explanations with a mastery of content with a logical flow of ideas. 

I originally had my detailed outline for this essay (professor requested it), just going to attach it to show what I kind of had in mind (in case this helps to answer any future questions!)

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