The name of the book is "Loon" by Henry Sharp he is the link to the book :

Double space, font size 12, 1” margins include at least one quotation from the reading to support your point. 

The reaction should be a cohesive essay, but please number the paragraphs within your paper to reflect the question being answered. Failure to do so may result in a reduction in points. 

Explore the following questions:

1)How did this ethnography differ from previous class readings? 

2)How was it similar to previous readings?

3)What were the sources and/or evidence relied upon to construct the account? What sorts of methods were used? How was the data presented?

4) What is the basis of the authority of the author to make the account? (i.e. academic, cultural, etc or some combination). Evaluate the author’s credibility and explore what makes them appear (or fail to appear) an authoritative source for the subjects they discuss. 

5) How do you feel towards this reading? What do you think about it? Has it changed your way of thinking at all? What ideas did it give you, or what unanswered questions do you still have?

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